United Airlines NYC Half Marathon (new course!!)

Obviously it’s been a while.

This was probably the first long run I did for 2018 and for someone who applied a lot of discipline and diligently trained for a race, the lack of training has been evident in the past weekend.

NYRR has decided to redo the NYC half marathon course and make it a bi-borough race, starting in Brooklyn and going through all the iconic NYC landmarks. While the course was much more scenic, it was much more challenging. Reviewing the route the day before the race, I was at an “oh shit” mind. And all my bad thoughts came true during the race. ALSO. While taking the train to the start, I caught vomit on my arm by a girl because she got so motion sick on the train. And we were approaching to the station. Like why!?!?!

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Happy New Year!

Of course starting a new training program right at the heart of the holiday season was a complete disaster ūüėā Nonetheless I had a great holiday, ran somewhat and now facing new struggles of extreme cold weather. I did a short run in the midst of the sub zero weather, wearing a long sleeve,¬†base layer,¬†and thick leggings and my belly was all red. I like running in the cold, but this is a new spectrum of unbearable.

This post won’t be long, because I not here to write a recap of 2017¬†or write new goals for 2018 (except for writing the correct year when I date shit). I just want to run new races and continue to improve on my running and see where this goes. Training for marathon 3 is very slow but the weather has been beating me down and I’ve been struggling with the academy.¬†The whole month of December was pretty unbearable because the academy was scheduling us to do other training outside and it was painstakingly cold. My birthday gift was also the bomb cyclone (and I STILL went to work). I was definitely annoyed because we are not yet essential workers and we are actually technically students so they should have canceled classes. Oh well. Life goes on.

I already had a major change happen in 2018.

My family quit the YMCA. We were YMCA members for ten freaking years. TEN YEARS. I was in middle school when they signed up because they decided to get healthy to live a long life. In turn, it made my dad a marathoner, my mom drop over 30lbs (she also ran a few half marathons way before I even decided to run myself) and inspired my brother and I to get into sports ourselves. I was definitely attached to that place. I never had any other gym membership other than Planet Fitness for the sake of it being 3 blocks from my house. We even got grandfathered in paying a family rate because they signed up so early. But now its easier for my parents to go to that super close Planet Fitness and my brother is out of the state. It really didn’t make sense to keep paying a hefty fee for a gym membership we now seldom go to. So we quit. And I signed up for a local gym in Queens and thank goodness it was a good experience. The highlight was their treadmills (go figure). It actually does not stop after I run beyond 60 minutes. There is even an option to do a full marathon on the treadmill (lol). But with this weather and snow, running indoors was definitely advised. Other things that was a must have was a legitimate squat rack as most know, Planet Fitness does not believe in free weights. This place had 3 of them and when I go at 9 am (yay for evening tours) I usually find a spot immediately. So with all that, it was an easy transition.

Until then, hoping for an injury free, fulfilling 2018 for everyone!


Always Chasing 

It has been a few weeks since I touched this blog and to be honest I knew I wasn’t going to come back unless I was going to run another marathon. I also know that I won’t have the discipline to run like how I do for a marathon unless I sign up for another marathon. By the way, I haven’t done so yet. But I’m 95% sure that I will be doing so. The race is so small, I can pretty much sign up the day before without issues… But I will sign up for it soon, I promise!

Yes I’m that person who needs to constantly have a physical goal at hand in order to actually get my butt up and do it. But I know better. Since the marathon, I have only done 2 runs– one of them being a race. There is no way I can continue this so with that being said, next week I will begin a new training cycle. Sixteen weeks from now I will run my third marathon.¬† Continue reading

Week 16- The Day 

It was incredible.

I can literally just stop right there but I do want this down in writing even though I’ll never forget this race.

When there’s a significant hometown race, it brings out a wonderful pride people have for their home. Throughout the entire route, I never thought I would see people flooded giving out so much love to random strangers for fucking up traffic and the MTA schedule haha. Anyways. I’ll just start from the beginning.¬† Continue reading

Week 15 

Ugh because I’ve just got into the academy like 2 weeks ago, everything is just out of wonk. First off, living in Queens sucks. Sorry but not sorry if you’re a Queens person but why is everything so damn far away? And why must I also take a bus? Traveling into Manhattan (for various things¬† including bib pickup) takes minute and a half and then I have to come back which takes two.¬† Continue reading